Gaining Credibility Online

So you want to consider doing more video content to educate potential clients better. I feel like this is the next step to engaging customers better. But there’s also something you need to consider the content of that video, content is very important, and the context.

How you write up that particular video is also very important. Let me put myself for example, cause I make a lot of videos. The way I package a specific video on linked in is different than how I package it on Instagram the write-up itself on Instagram and be in a fun laid back tone because what you have to consider is that your mindset.

On Instagram is different from your mindset on Tik tok and it’s different from your mindset on Linkedin and I have to have that in mind so that whenever I put my content out there within the context of that particular social media platform, I have to make sure that I am relevant for you based on the mindset that you are in.

I hope that was very clear for you because that is the key thing that you need to consider when you’re making video content for that. I’m not just gonna tell you, Hey, go out there and make the videos. Go ahead. Another video, another one, another one, I’m not DJ Khaled, but the key thing is you have to make sure that you put it within the right context in your write-up.

Make sure that even when you write up information, you encourage people to engage, and there various even metrics even using the stories. I would encourage everybody to even use the stories on all platforms because the stories are where the real engagement is at. And it’s better off because people can easily go straight into your DM.

Once they respond to a specific story, that’s creative, Once again, is the King.

As I go on Akwana has a question. Um, she asked what’s a better way of marketing, a poster on all social media platforms. So I can increase or rather get new clients. So she does dance classes.

When it comes to the content that you need to make, to get clients.

So Akwana is a dance instructor, how do you get more clients? I would even say posters and all that, that is not what would give you the best returns. When you come to dance show me how to do a certain dance if, for example, you teach me how to do, you know all those Tik Tok videos that people do, you know them you’ve seen them.

If you want to show us a tutorial step your foot up like this, do like this, literally. You are teaching someone how to actually get up, become a better dancer? Not only puts you at a level where your credibility is firm so that someone who actually now wants to engage with so that your timeline it looks like a Haven for anybody who wants to know dancing and someone wants to ticket at a notch higher and wants to get you on board.

They know, one, you’re credible and they know two you bring value to the table. And then after that, They are able to now, not even negotiate, they’ll not think about negotiating. They already want, they just want to purchase you as a whole.

So remember, you’re building credibility on social media, and how you build credibility is by even showing how you could even execute these particular dances because even their experience, the various dance videos that you see out there, but the moment you see someone teaching you how to execute that and you how to do that.

They put themselves to the standard of a clear instructor.



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Simon Says Maingi

Simon Says Maingi

I am a Kenyan Digital Marketing Instructor who helps businesses and brands grow online